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Tutoring & Consultancy

Ed has tutored Latin and Greek to hundreds of students over the past thirteen years.

He has produced consistently outstanding results and his pupils' success has ranged from top marks at CE and GCSE to awards such as the Anna Shaw Classics Scholarship to Eton.

Ed is available for tutoring via Zoom - or at his Hampshire home - and welcomes requests from parents as well as adult learners. He also teaches weekly evening classes.

To book private tuition for Latin or Greek - or to see how Clarke's Latin could be implemented in your school - please contact Ed directly via

Ed Clarke, Director of Clarke's Latin

About the Author

Ed Clarke is an exam setter for Common Entrance Latin with ISEB and co-chaired the consultation committee which created the new CE Classics specifications.

He is the author of Variatio: A Scholarship Latin Course and formerly IAPS Classics Adviser, editor of the SATIPS Classics Broadsheet and Head of Classics at both Highfield School and Westminster Cathedral Choir School. He has written for The Spectator, the TES, The Independent, Quinquennium and the Journal of Classics Teaching and has addressed conferences for IAPS, ISEB and Keynote. He campaigns for traditional, knowledge-rich teaching.

Praise for Clarke's Latin

Quite frankly a revelation... a bumper-pack of resources that will never, ever run out. I mean seriously. Imagine it. No more resource-writing. Just a series of course books containing everything you need. More than you need. I’m still slightly in shock!

Emma Williams,

These substantial volumes will be warmly welcomed by prep school teachers... Thorough in their treatment – as one would expect from the author of Variatio – the workbook format and sheer profusion of exercises of all kinds will ensure our pupils lay down the solid foundations so vital at this early stage in their classical careers.
Bob Bass, ISEB’s chief setter for CE and CAS Latin